About 10PP

Hello there!  Just a quick word here about who we are and what we’re about.

There are many, many websites that can try to tell you HOW to become pregnant.  This is not what we do — although we definitely, wholeheartedly wish for a happy, healthy pregnancy for you asap!

Ten-Percent Panda is meant to be a safe haven for you in the meantime.  A place to turn when the TTC mission turns out to be not as straightforward as expected.

 Often what brings many of you here also places you in the category of what we at 10PP call “later-in-life” parents-to-be.  Hurrah!  That’s cool by us!  In fact, that’s exactly who we want to reach out to most, because that is us.  And by “us” or “we” on this site I mean the 10PP community . . . although “I” is of course the solo me, Becky Bryant.  I started my own TTC mis-adventure more than seven years ago and today am still seeking baby #1.  Believe me, I know how hard this crap is.

My goal is to provide a comforting place for other ladies in my position to get the positive vibes and support I wish I had received all along.  It’s not quite turning lemons into lemonade, but something far sweeter, far more fulfilling.  First, I sincerely wish to help lighten the load for anyone struggling with these issues too.  Second, I hope for this site, our community, my Panda blog and the Panda book — these living, breathing things I DO now give birth to — to one day be seen by my own child(ren) so that he/she/they can know exactly how much they were wanted, and exactly the kind of difference a big dose of determination and perseverance can make.

That’s who I want to be, for them, and for me.  How about you?

Yours in optimistic juju,

p.s. Connection is a huge part of coping.  Please don’t be shy about writing me at tenpercentpanda@gmail.com if you ever need to just chat, or otherwise discuss anything happening on your TTC quest.

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