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Oh, dear readers, unfortunately (fortunately?) I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all that has unfolded for us these past seven years. Some brief “highlights” ahead:

(Note: These are not chapter titles, but more like random, somewhat sequential happenings . . .)

  • Our Arrival in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Land, egads
  • Meet the New Steffis: The Scientist, Egg Basket Lady, “Goin’ South” Nurse
  • Further Lessons in Hurtful Terminology: Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Poor Responder, High-Risk Pregnancy, Empty Sac, Blighted Ovum, Missed Abortion, Habitual Aborter
  • My husband walks a test tube full of sperm through the hospital (repeatedly)
  • Jason C., Chuck S., and Zane K. go out for Halloween
  • Goin’ Natural: yoga, Acupuncture, disgusting Chinese Herbs, mugwort sticks and more
  • A pregnancy! Happiness, Joy, Bliss! Plans, plans, plans. . .
  • Missing Fetal Pole/Return of Steffi (plus bonus development: Molar Pregnancy!)
  • Bulls@!% Insurance Plans/The Insane Cost of IVF . . . or “Should We Really Re-Finance the House?”
  • White People Adoption Agency From Hell
  • Pregnancy #2! A Heartbeat! (But a slow one . . .)
  • Pick Your Miscarriage Method: D&C, pill, or wait?
  • Despair & Regrouping, The Barren Betties / The Grocery Store Baby Aisle Is Taunting Me
  • Jason C. Throws His Own Superstar 30th Birthday Party
  • Monkey Boy and Amazon Lady; This Is Getting Ridiculous . . . (Two More Miscarriages)
  • The Count Grows, A.K.A. Other People’s Pregnancies Passing Me By, Sometimes Twice
  • More Ashland St. Hijinx & Shenanigans
  • Becky Finds Functional Medicine, Autoimmunity Revealed
  • Xanax Almost Kills Me
  • Mystery Ailments, Horrible Docs Cont.
  • Mother’s Day Blues; The Nursery That Never Was
  • Senior Care: Poop Nuggets of a Different Kind
  • Late Periods Sometimes Just Mean Menopause Now
  • Every Single One of My Female Practitioners Gets Pregnant Without Me
  • Done With Iowa/Hello Southwest!
  • New Hope: A Bona-fide Good Doc!?!
  • Methylation, Epstein-Barr, Gut Dysbiosis, Adrenal Dysfunction, and Chronic Other Yuckiness, Wahoo
  • Bulletproof Is The Only Way
  • Birth of Panda, BetterRhetor, A New Life . . .
  • Forty-Six and Not-Too-Bad

THE END (for now. . .)

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